Chelsea Handler Teams Up With Major Cannabis Company For New Line Of Products

Chelsea Handler Teams Up With Major Cannabis Company For New Line Of Products

Contributor: KC Scannell

Cannabis and comedy go hand-in-hand. This unbeatable duo has been one of the reasons marijuana has always been so popular. As seasoned enthusiasts, we all know just how critical cannabis can be when we’re looking to enhance one activity or another. The partaking of marijuana before a meal makes every bite taste that much better. Music that we once viewed as mundane suddenly moves us in ways we would never have anticipated. Hell, even sleeping feels better with a little help from our ol’ pal, Mary Jane.

Chelsea Handler Is Poised To Take On The Marijuana Industry With Her Own Product Line

There really is no limit to the powers and benefits of cannabis, but one thing that it seems to do with regularity is offer the consumer a heaping helping of optimism and creativity. Along with those enticing aspects, comes an onslaught of giggles. Which is hardly a bad thing. I mean, who doesn’t love a good chuckle from time to time? It’s cathartic, therapeutic, and it just feels good to laugh. And, with the help of cannabis, everything in life takes on a more humoristic approach.

Cannabis IndustryPersonally, one thing that I love to do is get high and watch stand-up comedy. As a comedian myself, I always looked on with a studious eye. But when you get a little cannabis in your system, it’s hard not to lose yourself in their hilarious performances and stories. What I’ve found to be the most hilarious, however, are things that are deeply rooted in truth. If a comic tells a story that seems true-to-life, that realism boosts the joke to new heights. And, in doing so, results in more genuine belly laughs.

Apart from realism and truth in comedy, another aspect of the art that I truly enjoy is roasting. Seeing a solid roast completely annihilate a person is like something out of a dream. A collective gasp precedes the uproarious laughter that quickly follows just such a joke. Not only do these jokes show the comic’s writing skill and unique take on a person, it showcases the tremendous courage they possess by making fun of a person – directly to their face. It truly is a sight to behold, believe me.

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While some acts tend to focus on one or the other, there are a select few who naturally achieve both of those comedic goals, and they tend to do it with the utmost ease and skill. These select few are the cream of the crop. They’re organically built for any and all things comedy. And, more often than not, they are huge fans of cannabis. Which, when you think about it, makes nothing but sense. It’s creatively stimulating, eye-opening, and inspiring – so why wouldn’t these comedic geniuses partake in everybody’s favorite herbal supplement?

In addition to being mega proponents for marijuana, these superstars tend to land their own hosting gigs on major networks. With hoards of fans tuning in, these people quickly become household names and icons in the industry. While they spend a lengthy amount of time in the spotlight, before long, it’s time to focus on their real passion projects. They grow sick of providing mindless content to network execs, and they want to branch out into different business realms to see what they’re really capable of. And, newly armed with an abundance of fame to go along with their inherent talent, there’s really nothing these people can’t do.

One such comedian, who fits all of the aforementioned criteria (and then some), is the world-famous Chelsea Handler.

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After leaving her wildly successful talk show on E!, she’s since procured herself a handsome deal with Netflix for new content, but that’s not the only thing she plans on doing with her time post-network television. This supremely talented comedian is planning on stepping foot into the ever-crowded cannabis industry.

Back in April, Chelsea was able to strike a deal with one of the biggest marijuana companies in California, NorCal Cannabis. Months ago, the two announced plans to go in on a series of products together. But it wasn’t just going to be a bunch of pre-rolls and waxes with her name and face on it. A lot of celebrities simply lend their likeness to companies, in hopes of striking it rich in the booming cannabis industry.

But not Chelsea.

A passionate advocate for equal rights (and marijuana), Chelsea has decided to team up with NorCal Cannabis to come out with a line of marijuana-related products that will be solely dedicated to women. The joint venture plans to release at least three different lines of vape products, along with one edible item. But, again, chances are this line will expand in the very near future.

The CEO of NorCal Cannabis, Douglas Cortina, was reached for comment on the deal recently. When asked to elaborate on his feelings towards the company’s ongoing relationship with Chelsea, he wasn’t shy about offering up his two cents on the ordeal. Of which, Cortina said, “While we’ve seen many celebrities coming out with cannabis lines, Chelsea walks the walk.”

Adding, “Chelsea’s mission to create a brand that celebrates sisterhood while providing accessibility to those in need aligns with our values at NorCal. We respect the heritage of the cannabis industry, and appreciate Chelsea’s message that cannabis is both a force good and here for good.”

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Wow, I don’t think I could’ve said it any better myself. And this man would know a thing or two about passion for cannabis. Not only does NorCal take home the top spot, as far as California cannabis companies are concerned, but he also is in charge of every step in the growing, cultivating, and selling of a litany of marijuana products. NorCal is what experts refer to as a vertically-integrated company. This is just a fancy way of saying they are in charge of everything from seed to sale.

Chelsea was also reached for comment about her partnership with NorCal Cannabis, and in true Handler fashion, she was quick to share what was on her mind. When asked to extrapolate on her feelings about the recent marijuana venture, Chelsea said, “Cannabis has become an integral part of my life. I’ve been open about my usage. When I ‘rediscovered’ it recently, it helped me get through some tough times, and it helped me get off sleeping pills. I now see it as a part of my overall wellness regime.”

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Chelsea wasn’t done yet, the legendary comedian, activist, and cannabis enthusiast said, “I wanted to take my experience and create something specifically for women who have either never tried it before, or who had a bad experience 20 years ago. We were missing the educational component to cannabis, and now with the legalization of cannabis and micro-dosing, we are in a whole new world of possibilities.”

She is absolutely right. It’s all about increasing the general public’s knowledge about cannabis and its bounty of positive and therapeutic effects. What’s really exciting is that we are on the precipice of learning more than we ever have before about marijuana, which is amazing. The more we educate ourselves about the intricacies of this plant, the better we’ll be able to utilize its potency and power. And with celebrities like Chelsea helping lead the way, there’s no telling what the future holds for the cannabis community.