We are driven by heart, but we drive with experience.

Delic Holdings was formed to become the leader in the nascent and growing space of psychedelic wellness and to harness the rapidly growing medical market using psychedelic therapy as effective and legal treatments for PTSD, anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions.

We have three existing platforms that collectively reach over 100k+ people per month. Our mission is to educate the public about new wellness options available to them, ultimately creating space for a diverse demographic to feel empowered and live happier lives.

Delic’s network is out of this world. Our unique access to the best entrepreneurs in the space, the newest technology, and unmatched ability to curate popular culture allows us to offer mainstream solutions to the emerging psychedelic industry players.



Connected and well respected in the industry.


The DELIC team is front and center in the psychedelic space. We see the best deals, first.


Nimble and focused on cash flowing and scalable opportunities as they come.


Delic Holdings is blazing a new trail. While other emerging companies are focused on patent medicine and big pharma for substances that are largely still illegal, Delic identifies fully-legal opportunities to scale under our big tent of resources and reach.

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