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This place sounds more like a craft beer emporium trying to sound fancy, and nothing like a cannabis delivery service. The name “Mitch” just screams “bro” from the moment you see it. Visions of backward snapbacks and cargo shorts instantly come to mind the second that name meets your eyes.

And this company’s “Boutique” surname is hardly helpful in painting a mental picture of what to expect when ordering bud from them. In all honesty, the ending to their title evokes a level of exclusivity, which is nice. But, with exclusivity, usually comes high prices. Let’s hope that’s not the case with this Bay Area dispensary.

Another thing that’s a bit puzzling right off the bat is their logo. It’s a simple “M” with what seems to be the silhouette of a pigeon perched atop an off-shoot of the singular letter image. A very curious iconography, indeed. I wonder what it’s supposed to represent with its unique imagery.

Perhaps, it’s a subtle nod to carrier pigeons of yesteryear. Those brilliant birds were famous for delivering messages to people back in the day. So, with this company solely focusing on delivery to its customers, this is likely the story behind their pigeon-y mascot.

Or, maybe the owner has a pet bird named Mitch. Who knows?

The strange backstory behind their logo is hardly worth losing sleep over, that’s for sure. When it comes to a dispensary, all the judgment lies in their overall vibe and menu. They could have a blank logo for all I care, but if they come through with a solid web presence and affordably dank products, I will be nothing but smiles, I assure you.

There is one thing that stood out to me about their business model, however. During my early stages of research into this dispensary, they make it clear to any potential customer, that they would waive the $20 delivery fee, if they texted or called in their order, as opposed to making one through their website.

This seemed strange to me. Why would they dissuade people from their website with such a large offer? The only reason I could come up with for such a move was a lack of confidence in their web presence.

That sort of sheepish offer doesn’t exactly bode well for the overall experience that’s yet to come. But, even with that seed of doubt placed securely in the forefront of my mind, I championed on and decided to see just what ol’ Mitch was selling out of his (hopefully) weed-filled boutique.


Like all other delivery services of this nature, the only way to critique their “Atmosphere” is through their website. Which, given their lack of confidence, doesn’t exactly have me sporting any kind of high hopes about their design. But, who knows? Maybe they’ll prove me wrong.

As my browser finished loading up their URL, I was pleased to see a very artistic landing page.

This, per the usual, was one of those age verification pages that every dispensary legally has to have. But, at the typical online dispensary, they quickly get this out of the way with a small pop-up window, and then it’s back to the homepage.

But I must admit, I appreciate their modern art wallpaper showing a flock of pigeons flying overhead. The simplistic black and white imagery really helped set a cool, calm, and collected tone that I was hoping would follow through into the rest of the online shopping experience.

After confirming my age, I was then transferred to their homepage, which was an equally eye-catching photo of birds. This time, they appeared to be a flock of herons, with a fog-covered Golden Gate Bridge in the background. It really was quite striking, to be honest. Already I felt more at ease, but I was still unsure as to why they were trying to lure people away from visiting this visually pleasing website. It just didn’t make sense to me.

As I ventured over to their fully-functional, super-customized online menu, I thought the same thing. Everything looked great and was super easy to navigate through. Why wouldn’t they want people to see it?


I really must commend them for how they chose to lay out their inventory.

Upon first heading over to the ‘Menu’ portion of their site, you’ll see that they present each category of available cannabis in a slideshow type format. So, if you’d like to do all of your shopping on one page, without any annoying load times, you may feel free to do so here.

But, if you’re more apt to cruise through items when they are presented on one specific page, you may do so by selecting the category-specific link, located in the upper right hand corner of their display.

As a flower fan for life, I always hit up a dispensary’s floral section to see if they have enough options for me to choose from. Sure enough, Mitch’s Boutique came through with a solid amount of flower strains to select, and I was pleased to see that they were all of the highest quality. Nicely done, Mitch.

The same compliment can be paid for every other section of their menu, as well. Nothing but quality as far as the fingers can scroll. Truly impressive.


That same level of admiration and joy carried over to their average price point. I was happy to see that they don’t force their customers to pay an arm and a leg in order to enjoy some sincerely potent products.

That lack of greed speaks volumes of their overall business model. When a dispensary looks out for its clientele like this, it typically results in an onslaught of repeat business. Which, to be honest, is the main route to success in the cannabis industry. So, needless to say, Mitch knows exactly what he’s doing, and it shows.


After a thorough inspection and analysis of Mitch’s Boutique, I can confidently say that the only questionable aspect of their entire operation lies in their puzzling namesake. Other than that, I’d say they are a surprisingly top-notch establishment that is more than deserving of your business.

So, the next time you start to see your stash running low, simply visit the Mitch’s Boutique official website and grab yourself some dank products at wholesale prices. You’ll be happy that you did.



Phone number: (510) 626-0420

Hours: 12 pm โ€“ 10 pm, 7 days a week

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