Marijuana Saved Life of Former NHL Star

Former NHL Star Explains How Marijuana Saved His Life
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Contributor: KC Scannell

Former NHL Star Explains How Marijuana Saved His Life

The average person these days realizes just how beneficial marijuana actually is. In years past, there was an unjustified negative stigma surrounding cannabis and its multitude of positive effects. Regularly, those unaware of marijuanaโ€™s therapeutic, soothing nature would lump this helpful plant in with the likes of actually lethal drugs like cocaine and heroin. This sort of harmful distinction is shocking and incredibly uneducated. This old-fashioned, out-dated approach to cannabis is absurd, and I am happy to see that more and more of this countryโ€™s population is beginning to see how much marijuana can help oneโ€™s life – and, it could even save lives.

Such was the case with former NHL star Darren McCarty. McCarty, a former member of the Detroit Red Wings, played 13 full seasons in the hard-hitting National Hockey League. As one could imagine, he took (and delivered) his fair share of glass-rattling hits over the years. McCarty was one of those hard-nosed players, who quickly rose to fame because of his many on-ice confrontations and fights. In short, the dude is a badass with a career built on physical punishment.

As an athlete, McCarty didnโ€™t partake in marijuana during his youthful years. Not many who play this aggressive, physically demanding sport do, it turns out. It is just not really considered โ€œcoolโ€ in that realm of athletes. In fact, it was basically frowned upon and ridiculed in their social circles.

On that subject, McCarty explained his early aversion to marijuana during a recent interview with Detroit Free Press, saying, โ€œFor me, growing up, you were either a jock or stoner, so I never smoked pot growing up, but I have been drinking since I was 12 or 13 years old. That was acceptable in the hockey circles, it is just culturally what was accepted.โ€ So, for years and years, he continued to ignore all offerings of cannabis – until he suffered a major injury.

Speaking on that moment in his career, McCarty commented, โ€œI would always say no to pot, until after my first surgery in 1999. I was on all these pills, and it was driving me crazy.ย  And I am an insomniac, so I can’t sleep, and that had a lot to do with all the drinking.โ€ He continued on to explain that a close acquaintance of his urged him to try cannabis to help with his sleeping issues. After many years of neglect, he finally agreed and tried smoking weed for the first time in his life.

He truly enjoyed the relief it delivered, but those calming effects werenโ€™t enough for McCarty to stop his incessant drinking. He was so inebriated one day, that he collapsed and fell into a coma for seven full days. Needless to say, this was most certainly McCartyโ€™s โ€œrock bottomโ€ so to speak.

While under, he was taken care of by his local medical marijuana caregiver. This person knew that he had to help McCarty beat his addiction to alcohol. So, for that entire week, he did nothing but administer multiple grams of a special, highly potent cannabis oil known as, Rick Simpson Oil. This THC byproduct was created by marijuana legend, Rick Simpson, to help treat his own illness.

Speaking on how he felt when he finally came to, McCarty said, โ€œI was in a coma and when I woke up after seven days, I didn’t have a physical addiction. I dropped to my knees and said, ‘Thank God.โ€™โ€

While some of those reading may assume there was a quick relapse after this epiphany, McCarty has actually stuck to his word. He hasnโ€™t had a single drop of alcohol since that moment. In addition to that, he has lost nearly 60 pounds and is looking (and feeling) better than ever.

When discussing his courageous path to cannabis-infused health, McCarty notes, โ€œIf you’ve seen my progress over the past 10 years, you’ve seen me go through different stages from the alcoholism, which led me to this plant saving my life.โ€ Adding, โ€œI feel like Iโ€™m 35. Iโ€™m not lying. I feel like Benjamin Button.โ€ If that doesnโ€™t warm the stoner heart in all of us, I am not sure what will. What an amazing story of triumph over alcohol.

McCarty has been able to keep up this winning streak over booze by implementing a wealth of cannabis into his everyday routine. It helps him battle any lingering urges or stress-inducers that would have normally led him back to the bottle for some harmful liquid relief. Instead of that poison-laden route, he has been taking some CBD pills and smoking some mind-mellowing buds throughout the course of the day. He is not afraid to brag about his impressive amount of THC intake, either.

During a recent interview, he touched on the subject of his daily smoking habits. Stating, โ€œSo I smoked this morning and then I smoked on the way to the golf course and I smoked one on the golf course. Iย  will probably smoke when weโ€™re done with this interview. I was at High Times (a cannabis competition in Detroit) all weekend, so my system is pretty rockinโ€™ anyways.โ€ Personally, I donโ€™t see anything wrong with that at all.

While it is fantastic that he embraces and spreads the good word of cannabis to all who will listen, McCarty is going further and actually taking a step into the marijuana industry. No, he wonโ€™t be the one cultivating or caring for the crops, themselves. But he will be partnering up with Pincanna on a line of CBD treats and mellowing strains that he plans on naming after famous moments in his career on the ice.

Speaking of their new business relationship, McCarty stated in a recent interview, โ€œI’m a four-time Stanley Cup winner, theyโ€™re a 45-time Cannabis Cup winner. I’m going to be the first athlete with a Stanley Cup and a Cannabis Cup.โ€ That sort of confidence and drive has me nothing but excited to see how these products actually turn out once they hit the market. I know I am definitely going to pick some up if I ever see it at my local dispensary. With such an advocate like McCarty behind its creation, it will likely become one of the top strains on anyoneโ€™s list of โ€œBest Weed in San Francisco.โ€ No doubt about it.

More people like McCarty need to share their stories of how cannabis turned their lives around. Many athletes succumb to similar addictions – some even before they retire. Had marijuana played a larger role in their lives, they would have likely been able to choose a different, healthier path toward mental and physical relief. Hopefully, with the spreading of positive stories, such as the one shared by Darren McCarty, others will start to open the door for cannabis to become a potential solution to their ailments.

Because, at the end of the day, marijuana is nothing but helpful. It will only make the consumer feel better, more at peace, and optimistic about life, in general. I donโ€™t know about you, but that sounds pretty good to me. The next time I am out shopping for some new weed in San Francisco, I am definitely going to keep my eye out for anything from Pincanna. I suggest any and all of my fellow cannabis enthusiasts do the same.

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