Here’s What You Should Know Before Growing Weed In San Francisco

Here's What You Should Know Before Growing Weed In San Francisco

Contributor: KC SCANNELL

We live in an amazing time, don’t we? I mean, if we are so inclined, we can head on down to any number of local dispensaries, hand them an ID, and start shopping for recreational cannabis! I mean, that’s pretty phenomenal when you think about it. I never thought I’d live to see such nationwide acceptance of this truly harmless, super beneficial plant. But I’m more than happy to see such a change in the tide in recent years.

While buying cannabis legally is loads of fun, there’s even more joy to be had in the growing of your very own marijuana! 

Helpful Tips For San Francisco Home Growers

However, while the results may be tremendously alluring, one should know that the entire growing process is the opposite of easy. There’s a lot of hard work, intricate details, and somewhat pricey equipment that’s required in order for a home grow to be considered “successful.” It’s definitely not as simple as some outsiders may think it is.

These uneducated skeptics believe they can grab a seed from a dispensary, head out to their garden, dig a little hole for it, cover it up, and walk back in a month or so to see a full, healthy cannabis plant standing before them. That just isn’t the case, people. There are professional seeds for growers like Zkittlez Seeds that are good as a starting point.

Sure, you can try to take that archaic method towards growing bud, but I promise you, you will encounter multiple obstacles along the way. And, if left unattended and uncared for, your plant is surely going to surrender to the surrounding elements (and bugs) that look to destroy it and suffocate it of its nutrients.

Those methods are outdated. Now, with the mountain of knowledge the cannabis community has in regards to growing techniques, the entire process is far more detailed than we previously thought. And there’s more than one way to achieve a profitable grow, so it’s critical that you do as much research as you can before diving headfirst into such an endeavor.

The more knowledge you have on the matter, the better off you’ll be. Trust me.

When I say “trust me,” it’s because I know, firsthand, just how valuable knowledge is when conducting your initial home grow. I have a few successful grows under my belt, but I would’ve never been able to do anything without all of the books I studied. Also, another major asset that I routinely relied on was the hoards of helpful enthusiasts that I found online.

There’s a ton of marijuana forums online these days. These people are, essentially, ecstatic to share their opinions and experiences with others in the cannabis community. Here, you can ask any and all questions under the sun about growing. Most of these people have a plethora of tips and tricks to help you avoid any unnecessary obstacles. Don’t be too shy to ask questions, this is a well of fruitful knowledge, and you’d be a fool to ignore it simply out of non-existent embarrassment. 

Another thing you should look up before starting your grow is your state’s rules and regulations governing a person’s growing limits. In San Francisco, currently, anyone who is over the age of 21 can legally grow cannabis of their own.

However, just because they are of legal age doesn’t inherently mean they can grow as much as they want. Quite the contrary, actually. People are only allowed to have up to 6 plants at a time. Which, when you think about it, is pretty generous. If you maintain the proper grow cycles, you’ll be able to grow your own weed year-round. 

But you cannot allow it to be visible to the public. It also needs to be securely locked in some form or fashion. Which, you may think, means you can only grow indoors. To be specific, each city in California is allowed to vote on whether or not to outlaw outdoor growing, so be sure to go online and check your area’s most recent ruling on this matter.

Regardless of your city’s stance on the issue, I just find that indoor grows are a better way to go.

You can control the environment while accomplishing all of those other aforementioned legal requirements. Also, while this should go without saying, you can only conduct these grows where you live, you can’t just utilize a neighbor’s forgotten tool shed, or anything like that.

Besides that, if you’re able to meet all of those regulatory checkpoints, you can proceed onward with your home grow adventure.

While there’s literally a plethora of information out there surrounding the topic of growing cannabis at home, one of the most important pieces of advice I can offer you is just to let nature take its course. By that, I mean, don’t rush things.

I did once, and it almost ruined my entire grow.

It happened during my first attempt at a closet grow. I was aware, going into things, just how long the process was going to take.

But knowing about it is different than living in it.

Every minute felt like it took forever to pass. Days and days would go by, and I’d spend every waking second staring at the plant, waiting to see some sort of growth. That’s like watching paint dry – it was excruciating.

That’s when my ignorance started to take over. I wrongly assumed that if I gently upped the nutrients I was currently giving my herb, it would jump-start the process. And that’s exactly what I did, even though I was warned against such a thing in every single book and message board I read. But, because I was consumed with eager anxiety, I was willing to do anything to get things moving.

As I’m sure you can already assume, this abundance of nutrients essentially burned my plant.

A lot of my leaves started to discolor and deteriorate. It was a panic-inducing sight, let me tell you. Thankfully, I was able to resort to my friends on the cannabis message boards, and they were able to guide my plant back to safety. But it was a feeling I did not want to experience again. 


So, just be patient. I know it may seem like things are taking too long, but if you just trust in the process, and let nature take over, you will be rewarded with a happy and healthy plant when it’s all said and done.

There’s an endless list of tips, tricks, and methodologies on this subject, and it’s important to soak up as much knowledge as you can. That really is the best way to arm yourself for the intricate endeavor that lays before you. But, if you are diligent in your efforts and do the proper research, there’s no reason you can’t produce a high-quality plant.

That being said, don’t expect “the world” from your first grow. Consider it a fun learning experience. Take note of what went right and, more importantly, what went wrong. Through this personal trial and error, you’ll be better versed in the detailed process of growing cannabis, and you’ll know how to deal with (and avoid) problems in the future.

Growing marijuana may seem like too difficult a task to take on, but I firmly believe anyone can accomplish a successful grow. They just need to have the passion and education necessary to do so. If you think you’ve got that (and then some), by all means, go for it!

Happy growing, my fellow cannabis enthusiasts!