Top 10 Bay Area Delivery Services

Top 10 Bay Area Delivery Services
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Contributor: KC Scannell

The only thing better than a cannabis club, is a cannabis club that delivers. What used to be the dream of many stoners (my age and older) has become an incredibly beneficial reality in todayโ€™s cannabis community. As one could already imagine, there are dozens of services out there who are fighting tooth and nail to set themselves apart from the pack.

Below are the absolute BEST cannabis delivery services in the Bay Area, and all enthusiasts should consult this list before making their next purchase.

10. Flower Co

Phone number:ย (415) 360-0896
Hours: 10 am โ€“ 10 pm, 7 days a week

If you are looking for some new buds to be delivered to your house or apartment the same day you ordered them – that simply wonโ€™t happen with Flower Co. But, if you would like to spend upwards of 40% less on cannabis than you would at an average dispensary, then this is the ma-rijuana delivery service to go with. Though it takes their drivers roughly 1-2 business days to reach their drop-off locations, the amount of money one can save by ordering bud through this site is tremendous. If you have some time to spare, I would definitely suggest hitting up this fan-tastic service.

9. Padre Mu

Phone number: (510) 605-7071
10 am โ€“ 8 pm (Mon-Fri),
12 pm โ€“ 8 pm (Sat-Sun)


Skimming through a long list of dispensaries and delivery services, this unique cannabis club really stood out. Mainly because it sounds more like a high grade Mexican restaurant, and less like a cannabis delivery service. This intriguingly named establishment is one of those locations that always puts the wants and needs of their customers first. And they showcase such a thing with their varied menu of potent cannabis products at affordable prices. Currently, they only ca-ter to the East Bay at the moment, but they hope to expand their delivery regions in the very near future.

8. Weden