Top 10 Places To Eat In SF While Stoned

Top 10 Places To Eat In SF...While Stoned
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Contributor: Casey Clark

It goes without saying, San Francisco is (easily) one of the best, most beautiful cities in the entire country. Nay, the world. The diverse culture and burgeoning businesses that find themselves nestled in this little city by the water are unlike any other.

While there is plenty to see and do in this legendary town, one of the most beloved past times of native San Franciscans is getting a bit stoned and traversing this lovely city of ours. For those who are new to the area, or possibly just visiting, this begs the question: What should I eat when I am good and stoned in SF? Well, have no fear, friend. That is what this whole list is for!

10. Super Duper Burger

Is there anything better than a big olโ€™ burger when you are completely lit out of your gourd? I certainly donโ€™t think so. Lucky for you, regardless of where you find yourself post-session in San Francisco, chances are you are only a couple blocks away from one of these amazing burger joints. Everything on their super simplistic menu is absolutely incredible – you really canโ€™t go wrong no matter what you order. So, if you find yourself in the mood for some perfectly grilled meat and cheese, this is the place for you. Oh, and donโ€™t forget the fries – them boys are lip-smackingly delicious.

721 Market St,
San Francisco, CA 94103
(With multiple locations scattered throughout the city)

9. San Tung

This is, hands-down, one of (if not the) best Chinese Food restaurant in San Francisco. But, more than the traditional Eastern cuisine that you would find at most other locations of this nature, San Tung is known far and wide for their amazing chicken wings. While poultry appears to be their speciality, they are no slouches when it comes to seafood, either. So, feel free to fire one up on the walk over to this fantastic restaurant, because you wonโ€™t want to show up without a healthy appetite. Everything at this place is amazing!

1031 Irving St,
San Francisco, CA 94122

8. The Bird

I donโ€™t know about you, but when I am good and stoned, few things are superior than a quality chicken sandwich. The Bird, located on New Montgomery, are pros when it comes to constructing a solid interpretation of the beloved chicken sandwich. And the best part? These award-winning sammies are under $10! So, you will have plenty of extra income to blow on another trip to the dispensary after your phenomenal meal.

115 New Montgomery St,
San Francisco, CA 94105

7. Golden Boy Pizza

Every major city across this great nation of ours has its fair share of pizza places. That is to be expected. Few are as delicious (and as reliable) as Golden Boy. Sure, they cater to the working class crowd starving for a slice on their lunch breaks. But this San Francisco institution of cheese and sauce is the perfect place to visit after โ€œbending an elbowโ€ at a local bar – or after firing up some quality NorCal buds. It is that damn good! I might even head over there myself right now. Because, honestly, what is better than a solid slice after smoking?


542 Green St,
San Francisco, CA 94133

6. Taqueria El Farolito

Mission Burritos. Need I say more? Travelers from all over the globe have heard of the famously huge (and filling) burritos from this region of the city, but nobody does it better than Taqueria El Farolito. This place could give two โ€œyou know whatsโ€ about serving up a modern aesthetic with their interior design. All they care about is delivering a delectable dish to their loyal customer base. It is all about authenticity at this restaurant – and, to be honest, isnโ€™t that you want most out of a quality Mexican establishment? I know I do!


2779 Mission St,
San Francisco, CA 94110

2950 24th St,
San Francisco, CA 94110

5. Eight AM

I canโ€™t even conjure up a more amazing place to visit after a solid โ€œwake and bakeโ€ session than this quaint breakfast joint located on Columbus Ave. Yeah, they offer a solid selection of lunch options, but it is their breakfast menu that has locals lining up around the block on a regular basis to enjoy their scrumptious plates of greatness. Once that morning joint is out, donโ€™t even think twice about it – head on over to Eight AM, grab yourself a platter of mind-blowing breakfast, and thank me later.

1323 Columbus Ave,
San Francisco, CA 94133

4. Hog Island Oyster Co.

Even if you have never ventured to the amazing city of San Francisco before, you have probably heard about the awesomeness that is Hog Island Oyster Co. Serving up some of the freshest seafood in the city, this place is a โ€œmust-visitโ€ when in the Bay Area. What is even cooler, is that this restaurant is located in the iconic Ferry Building. So, after you have knocked back some clam chowder with your smoking buddies, feel free to peruse through the historic hallways of this charming building full of various shops and vendors.

Ferry Building, One,
San Francisco, CA 94111


With a suggestive name such as this, one might assume that this location has something to do with wheels of some sort. Not the case. In fact, SPIN is in direct reference to the โ€œEnglishโ€ most professional ping-pong players put on their crushing serves and returns. But how does that come into play, you ask? Well, not only does this establishment offer up incredible comfort food and a tavern-esque menu, but there are a plethora of ping-pong tables for you and your stoner buds to play on post-session. What is better than that? Short answer: Not much.

690 Folsom St #100,
San Francisco, CA 94107

2. Miss Saigon

If you have never had the pleasure of grabbing a Banh Mi from Miss Saigon, I am sorry, but you officially havenโ€™t lived. This insanely tiny location is the epitome of efficient and affordable. Though there may be a long line (for these incredibly delicious sandwiches) serpentining itself out the tiny front door of this corner restaurant – be patient. Because they know how to keep the line moving at this hole-in-the-wall restaurant. I promise, it will only take one visit for you to consider yourself a lifelong customer – trust me.

100 6th St,
San Francisco, CA 94103

1. Fog Harbor Fish House