Top 10 San Francisco CBD Products

CBD is an ingredient in N.J. brownies, beers and high-end dinners. The FDA says that’s illegal.

Contributor: Robert Wallace

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard about the super-popular craze surrounding CBD strains and products. People who are still wary about THC and its psychoactive properties, are far more prone to pick up this strictly therapeutic medium of marijuana. This over-the-counter element is sold at places like Bed Bath & Beyond and Carl’s Jr. But if you’re looking for a more legitimate form of this beneficial cannabis, it’s pretty hard to comb through the ocean-sized amount of options that every dispensary makes available to their customers.

San Francisco’s Top 10 CBD Products

Below is a varied list of CBD products that are widely considered to be the BEST in San Francisco.

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CBD Peach Gummies - Mary _ Joe 2

10. CBD Gummies by GummiCares

This pack of scrumptious gummies doesn’t need to do much to win over the eye of the consumer the second they escape from their tiny plastic pouch. Tiny, segmented squares are each decorated with an embossed company logo, to better further brand awareness amongst their loyal customer base. Which, in my opinion, is always a smart move when it comes to design.

No, there’s not a whole lot of aromatics to be gleaned from such a condensed edible. But such is to be expected with gummies – there’s not a lot of room for any scents to escape. What they lack in scent, they more than make up for in taste. The flavors of these gummies are the furthest thing from medicinal, and even the pickiest stoner would enjoy its fresh, fruit flavor.

Each of these little squared bits of confection are packing 22mg of calming CBD. There’s no sudden rush of relief, so prepare for a slow onset of effects. However, when the tranquil relief arrives it’s very moderate – and doesn’t stick around for too long. So, it’s a great starter edible for those curious about this realm of marijuana.

[You can find it at…]

Phone number: (888) 801-0877
Hours: 11 am – 9 pm, 7 days a week

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Copper Rhino Pre-Roll - LUV Delivery

9. Copper Rhino by LUV Delivery

At first glance, this bud appears to be pretty dang dank. There’s an obvious density to the light green buds, and there’s a decent amount of orange hairs to be found throughout. However, when one goes to pick up these nugs, it becomes instantly apparent that the assumed freshness of this bud is actually a bit more on the dryer side of things. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s lacking potency.

There’s not much of a scent to this strain, but the taste is tremendous. Each toke offered up a surprising array of nut-inspired tastes that were as smooth on the inhale, as they were on the exhale. There’s no peppery spice or earthy qualities to endure, which makes this one of the more enjoyable CBD flowers to smoke.

This CBD strain is hell-bent on ridding the customer of any and all anxieties. In addition to the mental alleviation provided, there’s a mountain of physical benefits to be enjoyed, as well. Tense muscles and frantic mind don’t stand a chance against this incredible CBD strain.

[You can find it at…]

*LUV Delivery
Phone number: (415) 226-6107
Hours: 11 am – 7 pm, (Mon-Fri), CLOSED (Sat-Sun)

8. CBD Soft Gel Capsule by SensiCaps

These nearly see-through yellow capsules are very fetching, if I’m being honest. There’s something about the translucent consistency that make these capsules more appetizing than most other pills filled with CBD. More often than not, those capsules are far more medicinal than the usual product, which doesn’t exactly have fans running back for more.

But these amazing CBD Soft Gel Capsules by SensiCapsi are absolutely amazing. No, they don’t smell (or even taste) like much, but to be fair – I don’t want any of my pills to smell or pack flavor. In fact, if they did, I’d probably never buy them again. Thankfully, these maintained their characteristics which, to be honest, remind the average consumer of THC-infused vitamins.

Despite the lack of aromatics and flavor, the effectiveness of these capsules are incredible. There’s no need to concern oneself with a wandering mind or introspective thinking with this bud – the only thing that occurs is a warm, calming sense of comfort that does nothing but relax any of those who ingest it.

[You can find it at…]

*Green Door
Address: 843 Howard St., San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone Number: (415) 541-9590
Hours: 9 am – 10 pm (Mon-Sat), 10 am – 8 pm (Sun)

Harle Tsu - Mitch_s Boutique

7. Harle Tsu by Flow Kana

For a CBD, these buds are sincerely sticky! Typically, these non-psychoactive strains don’t usually emit a whole lot of stickiness. But, to be quite honest, if these buds were presented to any novice cannabis enthusiast, they could easily mistake them for some top-shelf sativas. There’s a healthy, swampy green look to their flowers that make the consumer feel assured that they are in good hands.

The scent (and taste) of this bud is fantastic, too. Fruit, specifically citrus, takes center stage with the flavor spectrum of this strain. Yes, there is a bit of cinnamon-inspired spice to be found on each toke – but the majority of hits were enjoyable and deeply satisfying.

This powerful CBD focuses the expertise of its sedative effects on the eyes of the consumer. There’s no way for sedation to be avoided when smoking this amazing bud. While it’s not the most therapeutically relieving out there, it’s still a very viable option – especially when it comes to CBDs.

[You can find it at…]

*Mitch’s Boutique
Phone number: (510) 626-0420
Hours: 12 pm – 10 pm, 7 days a week

CBD Goji Berry Sparks - Mary _ Joe 2

6. CBD Goji Berries by Somatik

Goji Berries, even without any cannabis-influenced component induced within it, are a rarity to come across. They’re not exactly available at every “end of aisle” display in the typical grocery store. So, to be completely honest, I only purchased these in a way to reward myself. And, boy, oh, boy – am I happy I did.

These chocolate covered berries are a wonder for the visual senses to take in. The exterior of these berries are rather tough, with a unique metallic substance serving as a bright glitter-filled “speckle” throughout each berry.

Each nite, essentially, tastes like chocolate – that’s it. There’s really not a whole lot of depth going on with these edibles. There’s a little bit of tartness on the back-end of these fruity chews, but that doesn’t really place it above its competitors.

What does place it in another level from its peers is the effects. While many would assume these miniscule berries would possess little-to-no relief, they’d quickly be proven wrong with only one dose of these powerfully sedative edibles. While each is only packing 2mg of CBD, if the entire sample bag is downed at once, there’s an unavoidable series of relieving effects that’ll help improve the mood of any consumer that’s lucky enough to test this product out.

[You can find it at…]

*Mary & Joe
Phone Number: (510) 282-9557
Hours: 10 am – 8 pm (Mon-Sat), CLOSED (Sun)

Orange CBD Extreme Gummies - GoTreez 2

5. CBD Gummies by KushyPunch

While these bits of confection don’t exactly sport the most “personality” with their looks, that doesn’t mean these delicious slices of gummy goodness aren’t super potent. While, actually, to be honest – they’re not “super” potent, they’re simply strong. But, like every other CBD product, this won’t make the consumer feel “high” – it’ll just make  them feel relaxed, or in other circumstances, it’ll simply alleviate them of any and all physical pain.

Yes, there is a plethora of CBD gummies on the market. And, no, to be honest, these don’t taste the “best” – but they are far from the worst. These somewhat bland gummies are more-than-digestible, but the effects they deliver soon thereafter are more than worthy of its substandard flavor experience.

Speaking of effects, these gummies from KushyPunch are strong enough to affect even the most impenetrable of tolerances. Stress becomes a distant memory after only a couple bites of this tremendous CBD product. And while those negative feelings make their way out of the subconscious of the consumer, creativity and inspiration take the stage, and allow the user to remain productive – but in a far more chill demeanor.

[You can find it at…]

*Mary & Joe
Phone Number: (510) 282-9557
Hours: 10 am – 8 pm (Mon-Sat), CLOSED (Sun)

Jelly Fish Pre-Roll - Lakeside Remedy

4. Jelly Fish by Island Classics

To be fair, the construction of the average CBD flower isn’t going to “wow” anyone with its run-of-the-mill aesthetics. The same could be said for this rather mundane looking bud, but that in no way means its a lackluster strain. Quite the opposite, actually.

Smooth, earthy accents can be found in the scent and flavor of this tremendously relieving CBD flower. While I’m usually not a huge proponent for tastes that are so organic in nature, there’s something alluring about the combination of pine and spice that are really doing it for me with this strain.

Usually, CBDs can send the consumer off into a state of blissful slumber with their powerfully sedative effects. But this particular interpretation has no sleep-inducing effects whatsoever. The only thing the consumer experiences is a clear mind and mental tranquility – and those therapeutic benefits last a lot longer than the average bud.

[You can find it at…]

*Lakeside Remedy
Phone number: (510) 309-6981
Hours: 11 am – 10 pm, 7 days a week

CBD Lozenges - Mountain Remedy 2

3. CBD Lozenges by FX Edibles

I’m aware that the packaging labels these edibles as “Lozenges” but they are far more like lollipops without the sticks, if you ask me. These vibrant green discs of cannabis confections are the most delicious way to enjoy CBD, in my opinion. There’s no medicinal nature to the look of these “Lozenges” – the only vibe they give off is “delicious” – and they more than come through in the taste department, that’s for sure.

The second these lime green edibles hit the taste buds, the tongue is enamored by the refreshing fruit flavor that springs forth with the utmost ease. No, these don’t have any sort of scent or odor to them – but that’s to be expected with such a condensed form of cannabis. But who needs an aromatic profile, when you’ve got flavor like this?!

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of this item is its dosage. Usually, products of any medium (THC or CBD) come with pre-segmented doses of roughly 10mg or so. Which is all well and good, but for the average enthusiast with a higher-than-average tolerance, such as myself, it usually requires a bit more for the effects to be felt.

But with these 25mg Lozenges there’s no need to double-up on the dose. Even stoners with sky-high tolerances will be able to enjoy the calming, serene relief that this edible delivers to the mind and body. It’s simply incredible.

[You can find it at…]

*Mountain Remedy
Phone Number: (925) 420-4215
Hours: 10 am – 9 pm, 7 days a week

CBD Tincture - Kushagram 2

2. CBD Tincture by Lazarus Naturals

Ah, Tinctures. I love me a good tincture. It’s probably the most efficient way to consume cannabis, in my opinion. The rapidity of effects that occur via this elixir-like medium is truly fantastic. Which is why it’s no surprise to find a top-shelf CBD Tincture near the pinnacle of this ranked list of potent products.

This item from Lazarus Naturals is incredible. Some like to use the dropper full of tincture for their teas or coffees, but I enjoy applying the medicinal fluid beneath my tongue. The mucous membranes in this area of the mouth allow the CBD to enter the bloodstream and release their relieving effects in the quickest way possible.

There’s no odor or taste to this tincture, which to be honest, is exactly what I want in a tincture. I don’t want there to be any bitterness in the scent or flavor of this kind of product, so the absence of such negative aspects is, and will always be, a good thing. The therapeutic elements of this item don’t exactly show up out of nowhere, it’s a slow build toward relief. The gradual climb to comfort and tranquility is an enjoyable experience, and leaves the consumer feeling peaceful and rested for an impressive amount of time.

[You can find it at…]

Phone number: (510) 633-8136
Hours: 9 am – 10 pm, 7 days a week

Raspberry Punch (CBD) - CBCB 1

1. Raspberry Punch by Specialé

While there’s a litany of ways to enjoy CBDs nowadays, I still find that the floral form of this calming cannabis medium is the best way to go. And this particular strain from Specialé is above and beyond its competitors in the field of smokable CBDs.

Usually, CBD buds aren’t really sporting any sort of eye-catching appearances, but Raspberry Punch is more than happy to show off its abundance of dankness. There’s a healthy helping of THC frost and crystallization to be enjoyed from every angle. Sturdy and dense, this nug is doing all sorts of amazing things in the “Looks” department – and it’s more than deserving of respect.

No, there’s not a whole lot to speak of, as far as scents are concerned. But when it comes to taste, these nugs are phenomenally delicious. There’s a subtle combination of cherry and berry flavors that mix and mingle with one another, atop a bed of earthy and pine-centric undertones. Each of these tastes works tremendously well with one another, and it makes for quite a pleasurable smoking experience.

Not only does this CBD strain taste fantastic, the effects are truly top-notch, too. It only takes a few tokes before the consumer finds themselves smack dab in the middle of a calm and present mindstate. Cluttered minds and scattered brains stand no chance against the alleviating powers of Raspberry Punch by Specialé.

[You can find it at…]

Address: 3033 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA 94705
Phone Number: (510) 849-4201
Hours: 9 am – 9 pm, 7 days a week