Top 10 San Francisco CBD Products with comprehensive details and exact location where you can find them

Top 10 SF CBD Products
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Contributor: Kasey Clark

Top 10 San Francisco CBD Products

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have likely heard about the super-popular craze surrounding CBD strains and products. People who are still wary about THC and its psychoactive properties, are far more prone to pick up this strictly therapeutic medium of marijuana. This over-the-counter element is sold at places like Bed Bath & Beyond and Carlโ€™s Jr. If you are looking for a more legitimate form of this beneficial cannabis, it is pretty hard to comb through the ocean-sized amount of options that every dispensary makes available to their customers.

Below is a varied list of CBD products that are widely considered to be the BEST in San Francisco.


Phone number: (888) 801-0877
Hours: 11 am โ€“ 9 pm, 7 days a week

This pack of scrumptious gummies doesnโ€™t need to do much to win over the eye of the consumer the second they escape from their tiny plastic pouch. Tiny, segmented squares are each decorated with an embossed company logo, to better further brand awareness amongst their loyal customer base. Which, in my opinion, is always a smart move when it comes to design.

No, there is not a whole lot of aromatics to be gleaned from such a condensed edible. Such is to be expected with gummies – there is not a lot of room for any scents to escape. What they lack in scent, they more than make up for in taste. The flavors of these gummies are the furthest thing from medicinal, and even the pickiest stoner would enjoy its fresh, fruit flavor.

Each of these little squared bits of confection are packing 22mg of calming CBD. There is no sudden rush of relief, so prepare for a slow onset of effects. However, when the tranquil relief arrives it is very moderate – and doesnโ€™t stick around for too long. So, it is a great starter edible for those curious about this realm of marijuana.

9. Copper Rhino by LUV Delivery

*LUV Delivery
Phone number: (415) 226-6107
Hours: 11 am โ€“ 7 pm, (Mon-Fri), CLOSED (Sat-Sun)

At first glance, this bud appears to be pretty dang dank. There is an obvious density to the light green buds, and there is a decent amount of orange hairs to be found throughout. However, when one goes to pick up these nugs, it becomes instantly apparent that the assumed freshness of this bud is actually a bit more on the dryer side of things. That doesnโ€™t necessarily mean it is lacking potency.

There is not much of a scent to this strain, but the taste is tremendous. Each toke offered up a surprising array of nut-inspired tastes that were as smooth on the inhale, as they were on the exhale. There is no peppery spice or earthy qualities to endure, which makes this one of the more enjoyable CBD flowers to smoke.

This CBD strain is hell-bent on ridding the customer of any and all anxieties. In addition to the mental alleviation provided, there is a mountain of physical benefits to be enjoyed, as well. Tense muscles and frantic mind donโ€™t stand a chance against this incredible CBD strain.