Top 10 San Francisco Cannabis Concentrates

Top 10 San Francisco Concentrates
Reading Time: 7 minutes

Contributor: Kevin Cromwell

Dabbing culture is getting more and more popular these days. Dispensaries are more than aware of that fact. Which is why they have gone ahead and stuffed their menus with all sorts of concentrates for their customers to choose from – but which ones are really the best? It is getting harder and harder to tell.

So, to save you some trouble, here is a ranked list of the TOP concentrates in San Francisco to pick up the next time you are looking for something new to dab.

10. Banana Punch Shatter

*Cannabud Runner
Phone number: (510) 833-6372
9 am โ€“ 9 pm (Sun-Thu), 9 am โ€“ 10 pm (Fri-Sat)


This is one of the more manageable shatters out there. I mean that in both effects and consistency. This isnโ€™t one of those frustrating glass-like products that tends to send shards of concentrate flying the moment a dab tool is applied. Banana Punch is far more โ€œgoopyโ€ for lack of a better term, making the application process super easy.

Typically, shatters (and concentrates, in general) donโ€™t usually offer up the most flavorful experience. This strain doesnโ€™t have any issues sharing its fruity flavors with the world. Also, shatters can send the average dabber into a coughing fit, but this smooth concentrate takes care of the consumerโ€™s throat throughout the process – which is an enjoyable aspect that is not commonly found in concentrates of this nature.

While this isnโ€™t the strongest product on the market, by a long shot, it still provides the consumer with a wealth of mental relief and enhanced focus. Which is why I consider this one of those โ€œwake and bakeโ€ concentrates.

9. Sugar Wax

*Mountain Remedy
Phone Number: (925) 420-4215
Hours: 10 am โ€“ 9 pm, 7 days a week

This tiny jar of thick, golden brown concentrate is a delight for any dabberโ€™s eyes to behold. No, it is not the most unique looking concentrate, but there is something alluring about its average demeanor.

The sweet inhales of this concentrate are a sincere pleasure on the senses. I am happy to report that this is one of those products that seems specifically designed for those enthusiasts who regularly struggle with coughing fits during smoke sessions – it is that smooth. Which is something that canโ€™t always be said about concentrates of this kind.

This hybrid form of concentrated cannabis is impeccable with its series of mentally-focused effects. There are no sleepy feelings to fight away with this one. Allow this Sugar Wax to boost your mood and increase your productivity throughout the day!