Top 10 San Francisco Hybrids

Top 10 San Francisco Hybrids

Contributor: Timothy D. Pineda

Some go to sativas when they want a kick-start to their creativity. Others like to pick up some indicas when they simply want to mellow out. But, what if I told you there was an entire realm of marijuana dedicated to striking the perfect balance of mental and physical effects? These buds, my friends, are known as ‘hybrids.’ And with every dispensary’s menu being littered with a ton of different options to choose from – it’s hard to know which strain is going to be the best to suit your specific needs.

Which is why I’ve put together this truly dank list of the best hybrid strains in the Bay Area.

San Francisco’s Top 10 Hybrid Strains

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Jackie Treehorn - East Bay Therapeutics 2

10. Jackie Treehorn

These buds are phenomenal from the moment they’re released from their container. Crystals cover every single angle of these light green buds. There’s also a healthy smattering of orange hairs for the eyes to admire, as well. The density of each nug implies a certain level of potency that gets the consumer more than excited to smoke it.

While some hybrids struggle to rid themselves of any unwanted earthiness or peppery spice, this strain has no issues tossing those gross tastes to the side. In their place, is a wonderful array of sweet citrus flavors to enjoy. Which, as I just mentioned, isn’t always the case with hybrids.

In my professional opinion, I’d say that this is one of those sativa-dominant hybrid strains. But only by a slight margin. There’s a lot of physical alleviation after smoking this hybrid, but the increase in focus and creativity that occur mid-way through the session prove its sativa dominance.

[You can find it at…]

*Ohana Cannabis Co.
Address: 5745 Peladeau Street, Emeryville, CA 94608
Phone Number: (510) 925-1266
Hours: 10 am – 10 pm, 7 days a week

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Cherry Cheesecake - Blu¦êm 2

9. Cherry Cheesecake

Alright. Well, if I’m being honest, these may be the poorest looking buds on the whole list. But, just because they’re not as dense or crystal-covered – doesn’t mean this isn’t a worthwhile hybrid experience.

Moving past the lacking appearance of these nugs, the aromatics they are able to produce are incredibly impressive. The fruity concoction of scents is a sheer delight for the olfactory senses to enjoy. Berries, citrus, and blasts of sugary sweetness are present on each whiff (and toke) of this delicious bud.

As tasty as this strain is, I feel compelled to mention that it is a bit harsh on the intake. In other words, this strain is a textbook “cougher” – and anyone who struggles with throat-clearing moments during smoke sessions, should be cautious of this characteristic before diving into this bud too quickly.

The mental space of the consumer is the first place where the fast-acting relief of this hybrid occurs. Those calming effects are soon transferred over to the eyes, and the rest of the body soon thereafter – making it one of those all-encompassing hybrids that are becoming a rarity these days.

[You can find it at…]

Address: 578 W. Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA 94612
Phone number: (510) 338-3632
Hours: 9 am – 10 pm, 7 days a week

Town Cookies - Blu¦êm

8. Town Cookies

Okay, I’m going to need you to bear with me on this one – because, to be completely honest, the smoking experience of this bud isn’t exactly “pleasant.” In fact, it’s kind of hard to find anything enjoyable about the looks, scent, or flavor of this bud. Which probably has you thinking, “Well, if that’s the case, why the hell is it on this list of ‘Best Hybrids’?!”

Trust me. I understand the confusion. But once one gets past the otherwise bland appearance, odor, and taste of Town Cookies, you’ll be more than happy with the rewards your mind and body receive shortly after the smoke session has ceased.

Every single percentage of the 23.87% THC level of this hybrid come into play almost instantly. Euphoria and optimism take over the emotional center of the consumer – making giggling an inevitability. Yes, there’s a smidgen of “couch lock” to prepare for, but mental focus and attentiveness never wavers. If anything, it increases – which is why this bud is best used during those calm binge-watching sessions.

[You can find it at…]
Address: 578 W. Grand Ave., Oakland, CA 94612
Phone Number: (510) 338-3632
Hours: 10 am – 10 pm, 7 days a week

Platinum Punch - Barbary Coast

7. Platinum Punch

These vibrant green nugs give off a very “froggy” vibe, if that makes any sense. There’s a certain muskiness to their deep green profile. And the dark brown hairs that scatter themselves throughout the nug really round out that swampy aesthetic.

Thankfully, those lily pad inspired looks didn’t make their way into the scent profile of this stunning bud. The cake-like quality to this vanilla scent is absolutely amazing. It really feels as if the ghost of a birthday cake is trapped within the terpenes of these nugs – it’s that good!

The ocular region is where the majority of relief takes place with this quality hybrid. If there are any enthusiasts out there looking for a truly tasty way to calm all of their worries down to mere whisper, this is the strain to get – no doubt about it. While its stamina could use some improving, this bud is so scrumptious, maintenance tokes become a welcomed chore.

[You can find it at…]
*Barbary Coast
Address: 952 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone Number: (415) 243-4400
Hours: 8 am – 9:45 pm, 7 days a week

Blunts + Moore - Egoloss

6. Egoloss

These nugs looked like they were ripped out of a magazine, they’re so dank! Seriously. I’m blown away by the stunning appearance of these deeply intricate buds. Thin strands of THC-infused hairs slither their way throughout the dense exterior of this strain. Crystallization and deep color schemes make this bud look like it just dropped from outer space!

There’s an effervescence to the scent of this bud that’s unlike any other in its hybrid category. Pine and other woodland accents come into play, as well. But there’s an unspoken elegance to the smell (and taste) of this bud that lands itself in an upper echelon.

What’s really great about this hybrid is its functionality. There’s no sedation to prepare for with this bud. One can easily smoke this strain and go about their day as usual – only in a far more relaxed, far more positive fashion. And, at the end of the day, that’s what I’m always looking for in a hybrid.

[You can find it at…]

*Blunts + Moore
Address: 701 66th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94621
Phone Number: (510) 347-3420
Hours: Mon-Wed 10 am – 9 pm, Thurs-Sun 10 am – 10 pm

Sundae Driver - Barbary Coast 2

5. Sundae Driver

Sticky to the touch, these buds are truly a sight to behold. Every single part of these nugs is littered with a thick covering of crystals. Groups of orange, equally saturated, hairs plop themselves here and there, and the overall vibe of these nugs are simply dank. There’s really no other words needed to describe the look of these jaw-droppingly dope nugs.

The pine crispness will make your nose feel like it’s in the middle of a chilled forest. While there’s no fruity or sugary accents for the olfactory senses to enjoy, the mellow blend of outdoorsy odors is real delight to inhale.

If you thought this hybrid would be aiming its target at the mental space of the consumer, you’d be sorely mistaken. This strain is happy to provide the cranium some minor comfort, but the majority of therapeutic effects are found in the body. The overall comfort that comes along with this hybrid will make the consumer feel relaxed and functional – as if they just awoke from a long, much-needed nap.

[You can find it at…]

*Barbary Coast
Address: 952 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone Number: (415) 243-4400
Hours: 8 am – 9:45 pm, 7 days a week

Reckless Rainbow - Lakeside Remedy

4. Reckless Rainbow

Stunning. Simply stunning. The mind is almost incapable of creating any words to accurately describe the level of dankness that’s obviously packed within each of these vibrantly purple buds. They’re so bright – they’re damn near neon. It really is a super unique looking nug.

Each whiff of this incredible strain was like inhaling the essence of a fresh fruit. But no one fruit to be specific – it was more like a wonderful mixture of all the amazing flavors one could think of, all rolled into one truly unbeatable scent profile. And everything one falls in love with smelling this strain, shows up in full force as a delectable flavor when smoked.

Though this isn’t the “strongest” hybrid on the market – it gets pretty dang close, in my opinion. The tranquility and inner peace one experiences after smoking Reckless Rainbow is tremendous, and more than deserving of this high ranking.

[You can find it at…]

*Lakeside Remedy
Phone number: (510) 309-6981
Hours: 11 am – 10 pm, 7 days a week

Wedding Cake - Apothecarium

3. Wedding Cake

Sure, we’ve all seen nugs that are completely smothered in crystals, right? These buds often look like they’ve been dipped in sugar, they’re that saturated with THC-goodness. But this strain is so condensed and covered in trichomes and crystals, the entire nug looks like it’s littered with cannabis raindrops of dankness.

Although the scent of this bud is teetering on the “earthy spice” end of the smell spectrum, it’s flavor in no way reflects that otherwise dry array of odors. The taste of this hybrid is exactly what it sets out to be: cake. I swear, there’s nothing but vanilla creaminess to be enjoyed on each and every toke.

What’s even better, is this strain is super strong and super long-lasting. Which, as much as I hate to admit, isn’t always the case with top-shelf buds like this. But the mental and physical balance of alleviation and euphoria was perfect, and stuck around a lot longer than expected.

[You can find it at…]

*The Apothecarium (SOMA)
Address: 527 Howard St., San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone Number: (415) 741-0741
Hours: 9 am – 9 pm (Mon-Sat), 11 am – 6 pm (Sun)

2. Siberian Tiger

These intricate, dark purple and green buds look like a close-up of an insect’s eye, they’re that detailed. Each crispy, incredibly dense nug refuses to elicit any “give” when squeezed by the consumer. Which is a strong indicator of freshness and potency.

The musky, skunky aromatic profile that this “Tiger” emits is nothing short of enticing. There’s something truly unique and intriguing about deeply murky odors like this. Typically, such a profile is indicative of an indica-dominant strain.

However, while its darkly colored exterior and murky scent made it look like an indica, the aftereffects proved that it is, in fact, quite the opposite. After smoking this jaw-droppingly dope bud, the consumer can help feel a boost of creativity and inspiration take over. A wealth of mental clarity follows soon thereafter – making for a sincerely productive high. And, personally, that’s the type of vibe I’m looking for in every hybrid.

[You can find it at…]

*Weed On Wheels
Phone number: (510) 993-0995
Hours: 10 am – 9 pm (Mon-Fri), 12 pm – 8 pm (Sat), 10 am – 5 pm (Sun)

Harborside - Gelonade 2

1. Gelonade

These buds are so frosty and fuzzy with THC-enriched greatness, they almost look like they’re some sort of intergalactic flower. Every single spongy nug elicits a feeling of unspoken freshness, and it takes everything in the consumer’s willpower not to immediately fall in love with this bud. But, who are we kidding, it’s only a matter of time before this incredible hybrid proves its top-shelf worth. So, why not fall “head over heels” for it right away? I certainly did.

Usually, sharp scents like this are possessing a very “pine-forward” aromatic profile. But this Gelonade used its crisp character to deliver a truly satisfying bouquet of fruit flavors that the olfactory senses simply go crazy for. And the taste of this bud is just as delectable as its scent implies.

Clocking in at a whopping 28.33% THC level, there’s truly no escaping the powerful potency of this calming hybrid. The uplifting, mood-boosting effects were fast-acting, but not riddled with any unnecessary sedation. I was up-and-moving in a very productive fashion throughout the long-lasting high. I’d urge any of my fellow stoners who battle with stress on a regular basis, to add Gelonade to their stash. It’ll calm their mind, without sending them into a state of slumber. It’s what every hybrid should be – and that’s why it’s the BEST hybrid in the Bay Area – hands down.

[You can find it at…]

Phone number: (510) 993-0995
Hours: 10 am – 9 pm (Mon-Fri), 12 pm – 8 pm (Sat), 10 am – 5 pm (Sun)