Top 10 List To Do While Stoned In San Francisco

Top 10 Things To Do In SF...While Stoned
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Contributor: Keith Cameron

San Francisco is a stonerโ€™s paradise. It has been that way for decades. Even in the 60โ€™s, this quaint 49-square mile city surrounded by crashing tides and stunning oceanic landscapes, has served as the epicenter for all things entertaining and amazing…especially for avid marijuana enthusiasts.

With a city so expansive and dense, it can be hard to figure out what to do with oneโ€™s day – especially if you have just fired up a joint (or two) with some close buds. That is why this uber-informative breakdown of SF-related activities was assembled in the first place. So, feel free to pack another bowl or roll up another spliff, and allow me to guide you through some of the best โ€œcanโ€™t missโ€ things to do while in San Francisco.

Top 10 Things To Do In SF...While Stoned

10. Lombard Street

Like many of my fellow stoners, I love doing weird, trippy stuff when I am a little stoned. What is more โ€œtrippyโ€ than taking a little stroll down the most crooked street in the world? Obviously, I donโ€™t recommend getting behind the wheel after a session – especially if Lombard Street is your route. But there is nothing wrong with taking a little stoned walk down the most windy street in the country after a smoke sesh. Or, even better, have a rideshare driver do all the โ€œheavy liftingโ€ for you, as you and your stoned pals take in all the iconic twists and turns that this legendary street has to offer.

Hyde St. & Lombard St.
(The Top)

9. Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory

One of my favorite activities to enjoy after firing up some dank, is learning – mostly about how things that I love get made. Usually, such an educational event is only available through documentaries or informative television series, but not in San Francisco. If you find yourself stoned and anywhere near Chinatown, you have to hit up Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. Here, you can watch experts carefully construct message-filled cookies for their patrons – and it doesnโ€™t cost a thing. Well, it does cost 50 cents if you want to take a picture – but who doesnโ€™t have a couple spare quarters roaming around their pockets these days?

56 Ross Alley,
San Francisco, CA 94108

8. Pier 39

Street performers, local artists, award-winning restaurants, stellar shopping options…I mean, this list of things to do at Pier 39 goes on and on. You can truly get the most out of the experience by simply walking around. Oh, and if you do find yourself in this popular tourist destination while stoned, be sure to linger on the pier, itself. Chances are a crew of chunky sea lions are out on a dock soaking up some rays – and those dudes are always a blast to watch.

On Embarcadero
(Just past Bay Street, along the water)

7. Hike โ€˜Lands Endโ€™

Another cost-free activity on this list, the trail at Lands End is not only fun to experience post-smoke-session, but it offers up some of the more stunning views of the city, and surrounding bay. Itโ€™s located in the heart of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Plus, this trail can be pretty desolate at times, so you know what they say, โ€œsmoke โ€˜em, if you got โ€˜emโ€ and enjoy the scenic landscape.


680 Point Lobos Ave,
San Francisco, CA 94121

6. The Golden Gate Bridge

There is absolutely nothing MORE San Francisco than The Golden Gate Bridge. Many natives arenโ€™t considered true residents until they walk across this landmark – at least once. Honestly, why wouldnโ€™t they?ย  There is an overwhelming sense of history and pride that takes over the second you plant that first fateful step on this illustrious bridge. Driving across it is fine, but firing up a bowl or two in the parking lot before trekking across this monumental achievement of engineering is next-level incredible.

Toll Plaza Bus Stop,
Golden Gate Bridge,
San Francisco

Top 10 Things To Do In SF...While Stoned

5. Japanese Tea Garden

Peace and serenity go hand-in-hand with a stoned tourist, donโ€™t you agree? The picturesque environment that the Japanese Tea Garden provides is unlike anything else in the city. Personally, I would suggest finding a comfy place to โ€œset up shopโ€ and let the peaceful nature of this location take over your stoned body and mind. I guarantee you will leave this place feeling more calm than you did going in – especially if you are high.

75 Hagiwara Tea Garden Dr,
San Francisco, CA 94118

4. Cruise In A Cable Car

Second to The Golden Gate Bridge (as far as San Francisco icons are concerned) are the famous Cable Cars that climb up and down the steep hills al