Top 20 Marijuana Strains In San Francisco

Top 20 Marijuana Strains In San Francisco

Contributor: KC SCANNELL

San Francisco is widely regarded as one of the most marijuana-friendly cities in all of California. For decades this city by the bay has been providing its residents with some of the best cannabis in the game, and they show no signs of slowing down, either. This Nor-Cal haven will always be a go-to spot for all marijuana enthusiasts. So, the next time you’re in town and looking for some new bud, I suggest hitting up any of the following strains for a guaranteed good time!

San Francisco's Top 20 Marijuana Strains That You MUST Try

20. Lemon Diesel - Sativa

This bud may never win any awards for its somewhat forgettable appearance, but what it lacks in looks, it more than makes up for in scent, taste, and overall effects. This citrus interpretation of the world-famous Diesel strain is an absolute winner, and every enthusiast should partake in this bud at least once in their lives. It’s incredible.

19. Town Cookies - Hybrid

Which “town” are they talking about, you ask? Why, Oakland, of course! This East Bay cannabis mecca has been a mainstay in the marijuana industry for decades, and this is just one of the many floral offsprings this region of the bay has been able to produce lately. Consumers often remark about how well-balanced this strain is, and I have a hard time arguing against that point.

18. Forbidden Fruit - Indica

There’s something alluring about anything labeled “forbidden” that you can’t help but want, and this strain is no different. Like a true indica, this bud will hit you, and it will hit you hard. But, if you’re looking for any sort of physical (or mental) relaxation after a taxing day, this is the ideal bud to pack in your bowl, no doubt about it.

17. Purple Punch - Indica

This is one punch that spikes itself! The power of this potent indica is undeniable. Which is why it’s one of the most sought after strains in the Bay Area right now. The sugary sweet flavor profile is unlike any other on the market today. Hell, I’d buy this off of taste alone. But once those calming effects kick in, you’ll realize just how valuable this bud is.

16. Z Cube - Sativa

A lot of people say marijuana disrupts one’s motivation to get things done. Z Cube is here to prove all of those haters wrong. The euphoric boost of energy and positivity provided by this bud is top-notch, and I can’t think of a better way to start the day than with a joint packed with Z Cube. It really is that amazing.

15. Platinum Punch - Hybrid

While this is the second “punch” to make the list, I believe the Platinum first name of this strain is indicative as to why it’s a little higher than its purple predecessor. The upper echelon title of this bud lives up to its inherent promises of exclusivity, as it delivers a one-of-a-kind blend of body alleviation and upbeat mental vibes.

14. White Rhino - Indica

When I think of a rhino, I instantly think of calm strength. And that’s precisely what I get every single time I smoke this tremendous indica strain. This is a knockout bud, meaning that sleep is just around the corner with every White Rhino smoke session. So, with that in mind, be sure to clear out that schedule and get ready to snooze, because White Rhino is one of the best cannabis-related sleep aids around.

13. Sour Caramelo - Sativa

Now, from the jump, these two flavor spectrums seem counterintuitive to one another, but after one toke, you’ll realize that these tastes are a match made in marijuana heaven! Their citrusy pine aromatic profile is to die for, and the way this strain takes over your mental space in the most peaceful way is definitely worthwhile.

12. Egoloss - Hybrid

I’m not super clear as to why the growers of this bud went with Egoloss as the name, but if I had to venture a guess, I’d say it’s because the strength of this strain will humble even the most seasoned of smokers, such as myself. This strain sports some genuinely jaw-dropping looks, which it expertly backs up with a smooth, flavorful smoking experience.

11. Animal Mints - Sativa

Normally, when one opts to go with a sativa, they are looking for some potent cerebral relief and inspiration. Luckily for them, Animal Mints provides all of these mental aspects – and then some. Also, this bud is some of the most flavorful ganja I’ve ever had. So, if you’re a fan of tasty tokes, this is the bud for you!

10. Mendo Breath - Indica

If everyone’s breath in Mendocino smelled like this, I’d officially make mints illegal, because this sucker stanks, but in the dankest way imaginable. It reeks of potency, looks like it belongs on the cover of High Times, and the way it completely removes any and all stress from your mind and body makes this one of the most coveted strains in all of Northern California.

9. Reckless Rainbow - Hybrid

Every mental image of vibrant color schemes that come to mind upon reading the unique namesake of this hybrid comes through in physical form with these sincerely stunning nugs. Each bright purple budlet is sure to excite even the pickiest of smokers. The inner peace and tranquility provided by this bud are phenomenal, and I’d suggest this to any level of cannabis enthusiast.

8. Alien OG - Sativa

Let it be known: any OG strain is going to be good, regardless of what it’s spliced with. But, in this case, Alien OG is miraculously able to take the untarnished reputation of OG, and catapult it into the stratosphere. This sativa is a no joke winner in almost every regard. The effects set up shop right behind the eyes of the consumer and slowly releases its euphoria throughout the rest of the body.

7. Ingrid - Indica

Look. I completely understand that this may be the worst named strain on the list – and that’s including “Mendo Breath” – but, strange namesake aside, this is one of the better indicas you may ever encounter. The nugs are so dank, they almost look like they were freshly dipped in sugar, and its sweet grape-inspired flavor profile will dazzle your senses.

6. Kosher Skunk - Indica

While the last entry on this list was befuddling to understand, as far as names are concerned, the title of this indica is quite comical. Why just the thought of a stoned skunk exiting a temple is enough to make even the most stuck-up smoker crack a smile. And, funnily enough, this bud is also known to elicit a little bit of a giggle fit onto the consumer. However, it’s mostly known for its sleep-inducing properties. So, take a couple hits before calling a night, and you’ll sleep like a baby.

5. Wedding Cake - Hybrid

Hybrids are often desired for their equilibrium of effects, and this slice of Wedding Cake is absolutely no exception to that rule. Each bud looks like it just survived a fresh snowfall, that’s how many crystals there are. And don’t worry about this bud’s potency, it’s a super-strong hybrid that acts fast and lasts long. Which makes it one of the better daytime strains you can get.

4. Siberian Tiger - Hybrid

Each budlet that falls out of this severely stanky strain is mesmerizing. Dark purples intertwine with rich greens, as orange hairs fight through the tuft of dankness to make their presence known. Every toke tastes like a dream come true, and you’ll become a lifelong fan of this hybrid after just one session – I guarantee it!

3. Sour Apple Haze - Sativa

This sounds like a strain you’d find at the carnival, right? Well, it certainly gets you higher than a ferris wheel, that’s for damn sure. The tasty nature of this strain can be found in every aspect of its character (flavor and scent), and the calming way it encourages your mind to create is truly unbeatable. Without a doubt, this is the best sativa in the Bay Area right now.

2. Do-Si-Dos - Indica

Obviously, a Cookies-inspired strain had to make it to the top of the list. This indica is easily one of the most potent, most delicious strains of cannabis that I have ever had the pleasure of smoking. Your body and mind are instantly taken over by a wave of tranquility and serenity. Your anxieties completely vanish into thin air, and the only thing you want to do is kick back and relax. And, honestly, what more could you ask for from an indica?

1. Gelonade - Hybrid

This is it, party people. The number one strain in the Bay Area right now is none other than the fan-favorite, Gelonade. From top to bottom, there’s nothing this bud lacks. It looks like it just stepped out of a fresh harvest, smells like it belongs in a perfume bottle, tastes like it should be found on a five-star menu, and the way it makes you feel could put every single resort and spa out of business. There is nothing but positives to point out when discussing Gelonade’s greatness, and if you are ever lucky enough to encounter this strain – don’t even think twice about it – pick some up and see for yourself just how amazing this bud is. Trust me, you’ll be happy that you did.